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Join us for the best weather on the California Coast for the month of August. This is why we call it the "Cool Breeze". See you in 2014!




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 EMAIL:  venturakiwanis


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Cool Breeze 2015,
Saturday August 15th, 2015

Cool Breeze Riders
2014 riders by the Coast in Santa Barbara

Facebook Page for 2015

cool reeze phtoat Rincon Beach Rest Stop 2015 Cool Breeze Photos

Start 6:54- 8:02 AM

Ojai: 8:38-9:45 AM

Rincon Rest: 10:57-11:32 AM

Santa Barbara: 12:17-1:46 PM

Manning Park: 2:34-2:46

Rincon RS: 3:08-3:33 PM

Finish: 4:06-5:32 PM

Facebook Page for 2014

2014 Couple at Bates Rd. rest stop2014 Cool Breeze Photos

Start 6:55-7:48 am

Oakview 8:21-8:45 am

San Antonio School 9:08-9:35 am

Fire Station(mini-metric) 10:47-10;54 am

Bates Rd. AM 11:20-11:52 am

Stowe Park(lunch) 12:26-12:58 pm

Santa Barbara Coast 1:21-1:25 pm

Manning Park 1:42-2:01 pm

Bates Rd. PM 2;54-3:45 pm

Finish 4:08-4:26 pm

VCStar Article here

Cool Breeze Jersey 2013 Facebook Page for 2013

Rest Stop Rincon Park 2013 Cool Breeze Photos

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Friday Reg. 6:30-7:20

Sat. Reg. 8:28-8:55 am

Oak View 9:10-9:23 am

San Antonio School 9:43-10:12

Seacliff- Fire Station 11:12-11:24

Laguna Blanca School

Stowe Park Lunch 12:42-1:29

Rincon Beach Park 2;48-3;35

Finish and Food

Facebook Page for 2012

Couple enjoying popsicles

2012 Cool Breeze Photos

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Start 9:35 am

Fire Station 10:08 - 10:34

Rincon AM 11:03-11:38

Montecito 11:54- 12:56

Rincon PM 1:13- 1:57

Finish 2:19 -3:35

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Thank You Ad for 2012

Popsicle TimeThe 2011 Cool Breeze Photos

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Start 10 am

Rincon Park 10:26-11:26 am

Manning Park
11:54 am-1:17 pm

Rincon Park
1:33-2:23 pm

Finish Area
2:45 - 3:47 pm

Leslie's Photos from Bates

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Thank You Ad for 2011

Finish reception

The 2010 Cool Breeze Photos

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Rincon 10am, Montecito noon, Rincon 1pm,
The Finish 3pm

jerry Boone Sciout group

Jerry Boone's Scout

picture of Cool Breeze direction sign arrow going right

The 2009 Cool Breeze Photos. Click on

"Page 1" ,   "Page 2",   "Page 3""Page 4"  


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A few photos in our local newspaper, the Ventura County Star. Just click on the newspaper above.


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View the many comment emails concerning the 2008 Cool Breeze Rides. Just click on the "flying email" logo above.


image of 2008 century patch

Click on the  2008 patch to view every rider patch in the history of the Cool Breeze Century Rides, fun!


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They put on a great spread at the 2011 Cool Breeze Post-Ride Meal!

-Cool Breeze for 2015-

Sponsored by the Channel Islands Bike Club and Kiwanis Club of Ventura.

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21st Annual Cool Breeze Century

August 15, 2015
Online Ride Registration Closed!
Thanks to all the Volunteers and Riders
for a Great Day!


This is how they sign up to ride, buy gear, and, for vendors, participate in the expo...


2015 Poster

Latest Updates and News

Now At The Official Page:


Class 1 Bike Path is now Open from Mobil Oil Pier Rd. to Bates Road. It was voted as "2014 Best New Bike Path in California" by CalbikeBates Road End of Bike Path.

2014 Cool Breeze Video2014 video image

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